Hispanic and Latin Bookish Resources

Latin and Hispanic Bookish Resources


Latin Owned Bookstores: Click the link to see a list of Latin owned bookstores in your area.  

In my state of Indiana, there isn't one.  


Latinx in Publishing is a network of professionals committed to supporting and increasing Latinx in publishing. 
Floricanto Press is known for their focus on Hispanic/Latinx people and cultures. 

Authors that identify as Hispanic, Latin, or Latin American

Hillary Monaham              Carmen Maria Machado            Silvia Moreno- Garcia
Courtney Alameda            Sara Faring                                 Ann Davila Cardinal
Rhiannon Frater                Samantha Schweblin                  Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Michael Paul Gonzalez     Zoraida Córdova                        Mariana Enriquez
Edgar Cantero                   Cina Pelayo                                Guillermo del Toro
Alfredo Luiz Suppia         Gamino Iglesis                           Carlos Hernandez      

Blogs to Follow

Latin Horror is the first English-language website dedicated to the genre of Latin horror.


This list is no where a complete list of resources.  I will make every effort to keep updated frequently.  If you have bookstore, publisher, or author suggestions, please share in a comment and I will include on the next update. 

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