Title: Unboxed
Author: Briana Morgan
Synopsis:  Greg Zipper is a paranormal vlogger whose livelihood relies on his online popularity. When a fight between him and his girlfriend goes viral for all the wrong reasons, Greg purchases a dark web mystery box in hopes of restoring his audience's faith in him and hitting one million subscribers. But when Greg opens the box, he gets much more than he bargained for, including a Boxer who’s determined to stop him from taking his loved ones for granted. Now Greg must do all he can to stop the Boxer, or else he'll lose his livelihood - along with the woman he loves.
Publisher: Self pubished
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Greg Zipper and his girlfriend Alice live in a nice house with their pup, Rocco. She drives a new car and he has all the electronics a man could want. Finances aren't troubling because he makes plenty of money as a paranormal vlogger. Having a million subs is the goal and he will do anything to make it, to insure their life, to spoil his girl.

After a domestic fight is uploaded accidentally, subscribers start to abandon ship. Greg does the only thing he can think of to repair this hole. He gets on the dark web and orders an anonymous box of unknown. He will open the box live and everyone will see how edgy he is.

But when the box arrives he has to make a choice he never thought he would.

Written as a play, Unboxed brings fast paced action to readers. This will be beautiful done as a drama, but as solely reading material, it leaves a lot to dialogue. For me, that is difficult to get emotionally invested in. Characters are clear and balanced, but they require actors for the nuances necessary for true development. For this reason, I rated 3.5 stars rounded up. I feel that Briana has a great idea, its wonderfully written, but now I can only think of someone bringing this fully to life. I will definitely be reading Briana's other works.


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