The Nightmare Girl

If you saw an adult abusing a child, would you report it?

I have and certainly will again if need be, ramifications be dammed, but after reading this, I am reminded why.

Joe Crawford, a top-shelf girl-dad, confronts a mother abusing her young son. Doing so sets a snowball effect of reactions with fatal consequences. Then the boy is placed with a foster family.

In comes an ancient fire cult (not Satanist yay) with some INSANE practices.

What I loved:

  • Michelle.

        "Michelle doesn't need a gun, she gets angry."

  • Joe. This guy was like the epitome of awesome guys with flaws. I especially loved his relationship with his daughter.

I read this in two sittings only because sleep was demanding. It was my first Janz experience and I am excited to read the rest!

Book Club read #1:

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