TITLE: Red Station
AUTHOR: Kenzie Jennings
SYNOPSIS: There is a house overlooking the vast, rolling plains. A home station where a traveler will be welcomed with a piping hot meal and a downy bed. It is a refuge for the weary. A beacon for the lost. A place where blood and bones feed the land.

For four stagecoach passengers... a doctor in search of a missing father and daughter... a newlywed couple on the way to their homestead... and a lady in red with a bag filled with secrets... Their night at the Station has only just begun.
PUBLISHER: Death Head Press
RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"It was the hour of fresh blood, and the land was ravenous."

RED STATION is the Final Girl gone Wild Wild West. We begin with four travelers riding in a stagecoach, Monty-a real doctor, Finch- handsome new husband, Patience-new preggo wife, and Clyde--the lady in red. They take a break from their journey and stay with the Alder family. Everything seems normal until the eldest Alder boy makes his entrance. 


Lee. Sure he is grimy and gross, but his prostitute memory made me laugh out loud hysterically proving I am either insane or laugh when I am uncomfortable. Also, Kenzie's descriptions are beautiful.

"The blood, it kept coming, rolling down his forehead, forming branches of rivers."

The new take on a crazy backwoods cannibal family troupe. It led to some awesome kills scenes that I will not forget any time soon. The parasol? 

"That lesson: One must always the enemy is everywhere. Because of this, she must be alert from all sides. And that included the rear."

CLYDE! Okay, it takes a special woman to travel to the rolling plains alone to meet a madman with the purpose of marriage. She is resourceful, quick thinking, and does NOT shy away from brutality. 

"And that was quite enough for the lady in red."

The ENDING! Enough said. It's spectacular. 


That it ended so quickly. Kenzie give me more! 

RED STATION has everything I look for in a great book: characters I care about, vivid descriptions and atmospheric, and the most important I felt real true emotions while reading. This is something I feel is the difference between a reading good book and a great book. With that being said, RED STATION is worthy of 5 stars. I am excited to read more of Jennings's work and will be reading RECEPTION later this month with Mother Horror.

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