The Flashlighters


TITLE: The Flashlighters
AUTHOR: Daniel Barnett
SYNOPSIS: John Hawthorne is awake at last.

But so are other things . . . horrible, unthinkable things born from bad dreams and left to roost across the darkened Utah countryside.

Nor is that all.

Somewhere on a lonely highway to the north there waits a mysterious, light-worshiping band of drifters led by the magnanimous Father Ammon, whose one blind eye might hold a secret path to salvation . . . at least for some.

America is dead.

Welcome to its nightmare.

The Flashlighters is the fourth volume of the Nightmareland Chronicles, an ongoing serialized adventure horror epic following one man's journey to reach his estranged daughter in a world claimed by eternal night.
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Another great installment in the Nightmareland Chronicles. In this one John is awake and Mariah has returned with Marcus. The three now travel to Utah on a mission to Wyoming to battle time and get to Maine ASAP.

There are new nightmares in store for our characters and they are some of the eeriest ones we have yet to meet. I definitely wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley.

Then we meet a new group. I think of this as the cult phase of the apocalypse. When mankind cannot explain things they tend to turn to religion, and there is no shortness of faith here.

John is still such a damn mystery. I really hope we get to unfold his fuckedupness in #5. I feel we still know so little about what is actually going on in his head. OPEN UP JOHNNY BOY!

In summary, Daniel offers another solid episode in his Nightmareland SAGA. Great characters, amazing atmosphere, and diverse characters are why I gave THE FLASHLIGHTERS 4 stars!

Thank you Daniel Barnett for a gifted ARC of THE FLASHLIGHTERS in exchange for an honest review.

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