About Me

What is a book slayer?

It is a person that reads so voraciously that they figuratively slay books left and right. They have an insatiable hunger for words.  They may or may not be drawn in by beautiful covers and clever titles. They spend the majority of their free time reading books, taking pictures of books, and talking about books.

Who is The Book Slayer?
People say she is a compassionate, intelligent, slightly insane mother of a pack of wolves.  I, however; say they forgot that I am also a sarcastic, foul mouthed ass.  I should also point out that I say the words like, totally, and hella way too often, but I blame that on my California upbringing.

Now in the Midwest, my children are all almost grown (it goes so quick!) and I find myself with way too much time on my hands.  So I read.  A lot.  Reading has not only occupied me, but it has been therapeutic as well.

To find out more about me, check out my Confessions page where I often talk about my personal life.

The Book Slayer Rating Scale

-Unreadable due to mistakes
-Not enjoyable
-Racist, anti-LGBT, sexist, etc.

-Finished reading
-Not enjoyable
-Major plot holes
-Little to no character development
-Little to no world building

-Enjoyed reading
-Some minor plot holes
-Character development needs some work
-World building is lacking
-Would recommend
-Unlikely to read again
-Will likely read next in series
-A few memorable points

-Enjoyed reading
-Thought about the book while not reading
-Couldn't put down
-Minimum to no plot holes
-Great character development
-Realistic world building
-Will recommend and read next in series
-Several memorable points
-Likely to re-read

-Really enjoyed it
-Couldn't stop reading or thinking about it
- No flaws in writing
-Always recommend
-Will read next in series
-Will read again
-Made me feel real emotions (cry, hysterical laugh, angry, etc)

Your chances of finding a book rating of 1 or 2 stars on this blog are very low. I tend to leave those just on Goodreads, unless it is an ARC.


  • I am open to advanced review copies. Published works are also accepted and appreciated if part of a series.
  • I ask that books be sent at least 30 days prior to publication to give me the most amount of time to read and complete reviews.
  • While I much prefer physical copies of books to review, I am willing to receive e-books. The submissions will have to be in .mobi format to accommodate my reading device. If it is a physical book please contact me for information on where to mail it.
  • I am a speculative fiction/horror reader and reviewer; however, I am diversifying my reading with more ownvoices, nonfiction, and poetry. If your work bends genres, I am even more interested. 
  • As this is my hobby, I cannot guarantee that all submitted books will be reviewed.
  • I reserve the right to be human and read the book when it is the optimum time; therefore, giving said book the most potential of enjoyment.
  • I give a fair chance to all writers and publishers, whether you are brand new or established, self-published or with a small press, I love to read it all.