Turning readers into reviewers!

Two of the coolest dames I have ever met have teamed up with me to bring to you Queens of Horror Book Club! Melissa, Richelle, and I decided in 2021 we wanted to focus our reads on a variety of themes and a diversity of authors. #OwnVoices is very important to me as a queer writer, so we want to celebrate women, queer, POC, and other disadvantaged people and their hard work in our horror community.

You won't find any Stephen King here.  He has plenty of bookclubs if that is your bag.

We are very easy going, with no time limits or forced discussion.  Pick 1 book or read them all. Read a book by the author or of the theme that wasn't picked! Just read and have fun. 

Anyone on Instagram is welcome! 

Follow @melissanowark @shereadshorror and me (@the.book.slayer), then DM @queensofhorrorbookclub to be added. We feature one book per week but you are under no obligation to read them all and are of course encouraged to read even more.

Meet the Queens

Roxie reads too much, has the mouth of a sailor, and a heart of gold (by gold we mean black and cold but really shiny). She’s obsessed with KPB and human rights.
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Richelle is a superhero by night shift and bookdragon mommy by day. Don't take her sweetness for a weakness, Chandler Morrison is her favorite author.
*whispers* psycho.
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Melissa is the stitch witch of our triad, proving they have the patience to stab something 1,000 times. Voted Most Likely to die when cats knock over their TBR!
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